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French Country Yellow Cottage House with Trellis

Experience the epitome of elegance and refinement with this meticulously crafted Limoges box figurine. Skillfully hand-painted on the finest porcelain, the French Country Yellow Cottage House with Trellis showcases a charming yellow cottage adorned with delicate floral designs and lush greenery. The trellis is entwined with verdant vines and blooming flowers, adding a touch of natural beauty.

Rooted in the rich heritage of Limoges, this figurine represents a tradition dating back to the 1700s. Originally used for storing snuff, pills, and other small items, Limoges boxes have become highly sought-after collectibles worldwide.

Whether displayed on a shelf or used to safeguard your cherished belongings, this Limoges box will bring joy and allure to any space.