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Large Maroon Chest - Lovers JEWELRY BOX - FIRST One Made 1 of 250 - Penicaud - EXTREMELY RARE - Limoges Box - 9" x 7" x 5"

Extremely Rare -  Large Figures on Maroon JEWELRY BOX

FIRST One Made 1 of 250 - EXTREMELY RARE -

Limoges Box - 9" x 7" x 5"

This piece was crafted by the Penicaud Limoges factory in France (retired 20 years ago), which was a small factory that specialized in very high end Limoges porcelain, creating specialty pieces for fine boutiques in Paris & Dubai .

These cannot be found anywhere anymore.  To create a mold for a run like this would probably cost around 5K today.  They sold for about $4600 in the late 1990's in France. With inflation and them being so rare, the value is hard to ascertain.  This one is a run of 250.

This piece had been stored for over 20 years and was never sold nor owned by anyone.  I was able to Secure this from the owner of Sinclair Limoges (an old friend and business partner),  as they were liquifying their assets to move to Thailand.  Because of my once saving his business, he wanted me to have his final pieces, many of which are number 1s.