Games & Play

We offer beautiful artisan painted Slot Machines, Dice, Playing Cards, Roulette Wheels, Board Games, Crossword Puzzles, Chess, and other Games.  You hit the jackpot when buying a Limoges Porcelain Box for your friends who enjoy playing games. Every Limoges trinket box is Made of authentic Limoges porcelain in Limoges France. 

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Unless its our decorative collectable Limoges boxes and figurines of the finest quality porcelain for the serious collector. Dice in a box is a intricately and delicately hand painted Limoges box sure to get the gambler thinking about collectable fine French gift porcelain. from the jackpot slot machine to the green change cart, our artistically and skillfully crafted decorative trinket boxes make any casino a fun and whimsical place. Fine quality figurines in the Limoges tradition are the darling of collectors and sought by countless collectable French gift enthusiasts. We offer an assortment of Rochard figurines and Limoges boxes for the discriminating collector.