Shipping / Return

Shipping and Returns with pledges the safe delivery and enjoyment of every porcelain pieces that we sell. If you are not pleased with a piece that you have procured from, please contact within 48 hours of delivery. We will be pleased to give you a full exchange or refund for your selection or work out any problems with acceptance of the return. Also, we are willing to accept any limoges box exchanges for a day period. If you feel that you would like to return the piece after 48 hours and up to 30 days, there is a standard 15% restocking fee. Return and Damage Policy : We value your business. You have chosen delightful piece to parade and we are self-assured it is in impeccable condition. In the rare occurrence that there is a incongruity we will do everything conceivable to remedy this state of affairs. Customer service is our top importance ! We arrange your freight very prudently. Every Limoges box is studied and substantiated before transport. All deliveries are fully protected by inurance for the amount of your piece. Damaged Orders Upon Arrival: Please contact the shipping transporter if your piece arrives impaired. Your shipping transporter will come to your house and examine your Limoges, then your claim will be handled between us and the shipping carrier. We will refund or replace your piece as soon as we receive a claim form from the shipping carrier. Please keep all of the original shipping packaging.1.5 % of our pieces arrive damaged, so let us assure you this is a rare occasion. UPS : Call 1-800-742-5877 to arrange pick up of the damaged Limoges in the original packaging. UPS will take the broken piece and then give you a number of your claim with the date of pick up. We will then receive the claim form you initiated and a full refund will be given to you. Yes you can also have your piece replace. USPS : You have to file a claim within 48 hours at your local post office. Please bring the limoges box to the post office in it's original packing with a copy of your purchase order form and fill out USPS claim form. DO NOT PERSONALLY send back to anything that is broken or damaged. To receive a refund when your purchase is damaged during shipping, make a claim with the shipping carrier and keep all of the original packaging; otherwise you will be held responsible for the breakage and no refund will be made. Perfect Condition Returns: There is a 48 hour refund policy (minus shipping both ways). Please email us or call us within 24 hours if you aren't pleased with your piece. After 24 hours there is a 15% restocking fee or an even exchange allowed. After 30 days there are no refunds/exchanges. If you request to return or exchange your selection in flawless condition, please contact us by email for the return address. Please be certain that you both track and insure the returning package or we will not be held accountable if it ends up missing. We cannot refund or exchange a Limoges box that has been personalized with an event, name, or date on it. Shipping and Returns with