About LimogesBox.com

Limoges Box.com presents the most widespread assortment of the all-inclusive uppermost quality in Genuine Fine Porcelain Limoges Boxes from the Limousine region in Limoges France. We are very honored to have work for thousands of Limoges Collectors as well a hundreds of Art antiques & Collectibles Corridors, Jewelry Stores, Extravagant upscale gifts Shops all over the globe. Limoges Box . com follows a Ritual of Distinction in French Design and models for over 240 years. In addition to its own private collection of custom-made hand painted and hand crafted rare and delicate figurine boxes, Limoges Box . com is also the official representative of both Artoria and Rochard. Every genuine porcelain Limoges Box is hand painted and hand-crafted in the Limoges France region by French master artists and artisans. Limoges specialists and collectors know that Limoges Box . com is the number one choice in these rare and hand crafted gems. With over 10,000 splendid Limoges porcelain trinket boxes and figurines in stock, we only offer the most breathtaking quality, best price, and proficient delivery available.