Vintage Limoges

Appraisal - Quick

Discover the True Value

Uncover the exquisite worth of your delicate Limoges box with our meticulous appraisal process. With over two decades of expertise in dealing with French Limoges Boxes, our expert appraiser will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation. For just $5, equivalent to the price of a hamburger or coffee, you'll receive a detailed assessment of your piece's eBay value and retail worth.

Expert Evaluation

After completing the payment, simply text us clear pictures of your Limoges box (please avoid calling). Whether you have a single item or a collection, we'll happily accommodate you with a group deal. Feel confident knowing that our specialist will promptly examine your treasured piece.

Embrace the Refinement

Don't miss the chance to unveil the true worth of your Limoges box. Trust our expertise and indulge in the refinement of authentic French porcelain.