Rochard Limoges

Collections: Art & Painting

Painted Monet Japanese Footbridge

Exquisite Collectible

Hand-painted and hand-crafted in Limoges, France, the Painted Monet Japanese Footbridge is a true work of art. Painstakingly created using traditional porcelain techniques developed during the French 17th century porcelain industry, this luxurious figurine is a must-have for any collector with refined taste.

Luxurious Heirloom

Synonymous with luxury, the Limoges, France porcelain is highly sought after by collectors the world over for its exquisite beauty and craftsmanship. This charming Limoges box is artfully and colorfully hand-painted with great detail, making it a treasured addition to any collection, a special gift, or a family heirloom to be cherished for generations to come.