Rochard Limoges

Collections: World Culture Limoges Boxes


The Parthenon Limoges Box is a masterpiece of artistry and elegance, meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans in Limoges, France. The box is a stunning representation of the famed Parthenon temple in Athens, Greece, with intricate details that capture the essence of this ancient architectural wonder.

Created with the highest quality porcelain, the hand-painted details of the Parthenon Limoges Box are truly remarkable, bringing to life the columns, pediments, and friezes of the temple in vibrant and realistic colors. It is a one-of-a-kind treasure that exudes sophistication and refinement.

This collectible piece is perfect for those who appreciate ancient Greek culture, history, and architecture, as well as for collectors of high-end porcelain. It is an ideal gift for anyone who values the beauty and craftsmanship of French porcelain, adding a touch of elegance and beauty to any interior. The Parthenon Limoges Box is a unique and striking addition to any collection, showcasing the timeless beauty of the ancient world.