Limoges Box Imports

Collections: Art & Painting

Woman Umbrella Parasol Blue Monet No. 1

Immerse yourself in the exquisite elegance of the Woman Umbrella Parasol Blue Monet No. 1, a prized collector's item hailing from France. This is an authentic Limoges piece, a prestigious emblem of the city's distinguished porcelain craft. Limited to just 500 pieces worldwide, this exquisite figurine is a treasure to behold and a testament to the refined taste of its possessor.

Marvel at the delicate details, the enchanting blue hues reminiscent of Monet's iconic impressionist style that this piece effortlessly encapsulates. A tangible manifestation of art and luxury, this piece is sure to enhance any collection and lend an air of sophistication to any space it graces.

Experience the pride and pleasure of owning a piece of authentic Limoges porcelain. Distinguish yourself as a connoisseur of art and elegance with the Woman Umbrella Parasol Blue Monet No. 1.